Hongkong Market

Bursting with colorful lights and banners is the most favored shopper’s destination of Siliguri, Hongkong Market. It is located in the heart of Siliguri City. Festooned with bright banners and lights the bustling Hongkong Market is one of the liveliest parts of Siliguri which is hard to miss out.

Hongkong Market is a well known destination of Siliguri which is famous for offering vast collection of clothes, shoes, and other commodities at a rather cheaper price. From latest gadget to delicate china Hongkong Market is one place where you will find it all. Unlike fancy mall there is no fixed price tag for the commodities sold in Hongkong Market so a tourist shall mentally prepare themselves to bargain their way to buy a product. Along with reasonable goods, there are many eateries with versatile menu at a low cost.

The bustling Hongkong Market can be reached from Sevoke Road or Hill Cart Road. The sellers start setting their stalls by 9:00 am and wrap it up by 10:00 pm giving travelers, and buyers plenty of time to bargain and explore the nooks and corners of Hongkong Market. From tiny earrings to big trolleys find them all in Hongkong Market of Siliguri.

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